Shelter Connections

To all the vet tech colleges out there………..


Buzz is starting to happen concerning the “Adventures of a SuperVet Tech” North American Tours.  I’ve had many enquiries from delegates from the recent AVTE Conference in Niagara Falls about coming to their areas. Exciting time indeed.

Here’s another possible option. I also do a show designed for the general public. After a successful 7 show run in downtown Toronto in July, I was thrilled by the support of the Toronto Humane Society and local animal rescue groups. In the show, I have a touching tribute to shelters and their volunteers from the viewpoint of a veterinary technician. I’ve worked at the Toronto Humane Society since 1999 as a locum vet tech and have a special place in my heart for shelter medicine.

One idea that some colleges liked was that I do the vet tech show in the afternoon and the public show as a fund-raiser for a local shelter that evening. Most vet tech and veterinary colleges have shelter and humane society affiliations by using shelter animals for training purposes. This would be a wonderful chance to inspire our future vet techs and help support the local shelter at the same time. The fee is $500 per show but I can offer $750 for both shows. That covers a fully professional performance and no other travel expenses. With 2-3 schools within a day’s drive of each other, bulk bookings could lower that charge even more.  That could help cover expenses and with the charity aspect, corporate sponsorship may be easier.  Just a thought……

Here’s wishing you all had a terrific summer and all the best for the new school year.